Tao-Te-Chi Intensive Healing Course Materials - 2003

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Each of these writings came from the Tao-Te-Chi Intensive Healing Course Manual. The manual is used to teach new students in the Tao-Te-Chi Healing System. The topics presented here are ones which everyone should know and can greatly benefit from.

Tao-Te-Chi - Note on Energy Tracts and Blockages

Most of us have heard the term "block" before; whether it is a mental block, emotional block or even an issue itself. It is in this section that we will help you to understand them, how they evolve, how to help get rid of them and also help to show how truly harmful they can be.

Tao-Te-Chi - The Road to Self Awareness

Self Awareness is the ability to know oneself in such a way as to remove all doubt about who and what they are.

Tao-Te-Chi - Taking Reiki and Energy One Step Further

Now that everyone has a good understanding of energy and how it works it is time to go further and show you the truth about energy.

Tao-Te-Chi - The Truth About Illness and Injury

The main reason most people feel that we become sick is more in the realm of "Just Because" or even "It Was Meant to Be". However there are very few diseases and injuries that happen as a result of those ideas.

Tao-Te-Chi - Understanding Reiki

It is important to understand where something came from to understand what it has become. To that end I want to teach about Reiki itself so you can see what this system evolved from itself.

Tao-Te-Chi - Understanding The Way We React

There is always a reason why we react the way we do and we need to understand that reason if we want to grow and evolve.

Tao-Te-Chi - Understanding Tao-Te-Chi

Tao-Te-Chi is the energy and expression that life uses to guild us to the supreme path of our life for the purpose of becoming whole and creating life.


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