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Most of us have heard the term "block" before; whether it is a mental block, emotional block or even an issue itself. It is in this section that we will help you to understand them, how they evolve, how to help get rid of them and also help to show how truly harmful they can be. Each is different in their own way, yet they evolve and can be dealt with in the same manner.

Basically a "block" is a restriction in the flow of energy within the body; forming as a result of a trauma or problem that the body was not able or willing to deal with. The block was formed when the body was forced to deal with a problem, complication, mind set, issue etc that it found to be painful to deal with. As a result it made a decision that was geared to protect the body.

Understand that the decision happened in a spit second; the body did not debate the problem and work on it for a long time. It happened, it made its choice and it reacted instantly. As a result the body felt that the creation of the block was the "best" option available at the time to promote the survival of the body at the time the incident occurred. Even though a spit second after it may be the worst thing the body could have done.

The block itself may start out very light and small, or it may begin its life already fairly strong and powerful. It simply depends on the level of trauma the body felt at the time of it's creation. In all cases however, if the block is not dealt with it will continue to grow and evolve, adding complications to the body and possibly even destroying the body itself if not dealt with.

One of the reasons is that the block itself needs power. Thus the block will form, energetically speaking, on a point of power within the body. What this does is cause the body to loose the power it had in that area as it then is needed to feed the block. A minor block does not require a lot of power so it will only take the little bit that it needs. A major block can restrict the entire flow of energy through that energy channel. The problem with the block is that if it is not dealt with it can grow, the stronger it grows the more power it requires and the more restricted the energy becomes.

Yet blocks do not simply take away energy to feed themselves; the energy is used to provide defences so that the block can never be touched. Those defences can include "reaction", lies, justifications, fears, anxiety, etc. In other words if you go to touch the block you may find that you become fearful about going there. That fear is a defence. It may be that as you near the block it may be that you find another one instead; sending you to a different block in the same area. It may even go so far as to creating a false block for you to deal with so you will not look at it. The power of the defences directly determined by the power of the block itself.

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However as was said the blocks can grow. Each time the trauma that caused the block is felt the block will react and start to draw more power, thus having the resources to create more defences. Each time the block is touched, again it will react and try and create more defences. The cycle continuing over and over until finally it is so strong and powerful that nothing can touch it.

The problem is that as a block evolves it becomes smaller, not bigger. The defences become bigger, yet the block itself shrinks. Thus the block becomes harder and harder to find. In other words it may start out as a light fluffy cloud with little defences that is still fairly easy to find. However it will eventually grow into something resembling more of a solid metal cube with huge defences that is very difficult to find. The problem with the system is that all of the defences are illusion and lie and they do not prevent the block from being found all the time. There are things that happen and we are confronted with the block, other times we simply trip over it and because it seems so small and insignificant don't even realize it is a problem.

The other side to this problem with the blocks is that there is another whole part of the body that is trying to regain all the energy it has lost to the blocks back. It wants the body to be whole and complete and the block is interfering with this process. Just as the block will take the energy of the body to hide and create defences, this new part will take yet more energy to break the defences and get the block gone. What this means is that you have so much energy loss do to the block hiding and even more trying to uncover it. As a result one block begins to consume vast amounts of the body's energy.

This all adds together to create a war within the body that grows and evolves each time the block itself grows. Until finally something has to give! The body has only a couple of choices; it can release the block and get rid of it; which it will not likely do. The block is a trauma after all and all of the battling over it has made the trauma even bigger. If the body releases it the trauma comes flying to the surface and the body does not want that. Option two it is try and recruit outside help. In other words get "YOU" to look at what is going on inside and take charge of the situation. This can be as simple as showing you the block so that it can be dealt with, or it can be as complex as causing major medical problems. If all of a sudden you develop cancer then the hope is that you will look within and find the problem.

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Then there is the final answer, and that is to push everything it has into the block remaining hidden. This results in the block evolving again into a new form of block. What this means is that the block goes form being a tiny solid metal cube to being an impossibly small crystalline structure; with each crystalline part connecting to more power channels inside the body and also to any and all blocks contained within those channels. At this point the block can then become so powerful as to be completely life altering. This type of block can case medical conditions that can completely incapacitate the body. If you are too sick to function you won't likely look for the block any more.

Many people don't know why they become sick with major illness and injury. It is not to say that every time it happens it is the result of a block. However there are times when it can be. The difference is that if the problem is the result of an issue then if you can find the block and remove it, or at least lessen its power then you will begin to feel better. This is an extreme situation; however the same idea also applies to lesser problems.

As an example lets look at the need to smoke. Many people started to smoke as a result of peer pressure or a need to fit in and belong. Their smoking is their attempt to be a part of the group. Each time they smoke they are a part of the group, even if they are all alone. Not many people are willing to look within and find out why they do what they do, they just simply do it. Yet if they were to spend some time to look in they may eventually find out the reason for their smoking. If that happens then they would see that are lonely and want to be a part of the group. That gives them power over their life. They could go and become part of a club of some sort and get the need to belong met that way. When that happens they get the need to belong feed in a new way, the block caused as a result of the trauma of feeling alone no longer needs to be there and thus the need to smoke goes with it.

As a block grows it beings to affect every aspect of our lives, it can keep us from living life, it can cause us to do things that are harmful to us, or even make us want to be in situations that we would otherwise not be in. All simply trying to make us feel like we are something or have something that we don't have in our life, yet is too painful to admit. How many people do drugs at a party to fit in and be liked, or go and sleep around for the same reason? So many of them hate themselves for doing what they did; which in turn creates new blocks. Yet they can't look at why they did it as it is way to painful.

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All of it adding together to spark a series of events that lead to more complications and problems in life. All of which started as a result of a small tiny little trauma that could have been as minor as "Oh, don't worry Baby, the needle wont hurt". This may seem like an impossibility, yet look at what happens with the blocks. They can create false blocks that have noting to do with the actual issue that the block was there to defend against. They can connect to other issues, that themselves have defences of their own, in order to manipulate them as a means to hide. They can even cause medical, physical or emotional traumas that may or may not be real simply to remain hidden.

This is why it is so vital to know yourself and pay attention to your actions. There is so much going on behind the scenes that you may not even realize, all of which is adding to misery and taking away from the joy that could be had in your life.

For now this may seem like too much to believe, yet as you search within and begin to unravel the treads of issues you will begin to see just how powerful they can become… and how complex.

However there is still a whole other side to Blockages and Issues and that is how to deal with them and get them gone. Based on the information now available this may seem like a daunting task. However in truth it is not that hard if you do it the right way and in the right manner.

I hope by now that you see the benefits of the lessons we have provided before this one. The truth is that they were put in this course as a means to help you learn more about yourself and also give you the tools needed to remove issues, blockages and general baggage from your life. The great thing about doing this is that each block removed releases energy back into the body that was being used by the block. It also helps to free the mind of un-needed thoughts, ideas and mentalities. Not to mention the benefits that become useable by the gifted healer. If you yourself have done it then you can help others do it and that helps them also become whole.

The best and easiest way to deal with blocks is to let them happen and simply pay attention. In other words watch the "Way We React". If you pay attention to what you do and why then it will help you to understand the blocks that you have. That will help you to gain control over them and deal with them. As you deal with them you will evolve and grow, new resources will become available and life will take on a whole new meaning.

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Yet as you deal with each block you still have to deal with the body trying to keep the block there. It was painful when it was created and the body is afraid it will be painful again. That is why you need to simply pay attention to your reactions and slowly gain control of them. It helps to show that body that it is not that painful to touch the block and slowly it will begin to lessen. If you confront the block head on it will fight back.

However there are times when you can push forward and deal with them head on. When this happens you body will try and get you to stop, however by doing so will tell you your getting close. One of the last defences the body has is it shut down. If you start to feel like are going to throw-up, or are getting too tired to function then there is a good indication that are getting close to the root of the problem. When that happens keep pushing forward, it will help to remove the block. If you need to throw-up… go ahead. Just keep working on the block.

Once the block gets cracked then there is usually a huge surge of energy and a wonderful sense of freedom. That is always a good thing. However never assume that just because you have felt it means the block is now gone. It could be that you just weakened it and it let the resources go. It could be another means to hide. If it releases its energy and runs then you feel the release yet it still exists. However in that case it is much weaker and will be easer to deal with once found again.

The truth is that the only way to know a block is gone is to pay attention to all aspects of life and never have it come up again. If it comes back it still exists… even 20 years later.

From The Tao-Te-Chi Intensive Healing Course Manual
Copyright May 2003


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