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Now that everyone has a good understanding of energy and how it works it is time to go further and show you the truth about energy. We are not going to detail every form of energy for that would take years and years to do. What we do want to show you is one of the most wonderful and powerful energies that we use in healing… and indeed life itself. That energy being True Reiki Energy.

To begin we need to separate a few things. Remember the definition of Reiki… "Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force Energy". That is actually not entirely accurate. There are two forms of Reiki Energy. There is Reiki System Energy, the energy used in the system of Reiki, and True Reiki Energy which is the complete and full energy that is part of life. Reiki System Energy is a diluted and lesser form of True Reiki Energy, which is why they are called the same. At this point it is important to separate the two and show you what they really are. Reiki Energy from now on will be the energy used in the system of Reiki, and True Reiki Energy will be given its true name HLFE… "Human Life Force Energy".

Understand that Reiki Energy has been with us since the dawn of man. The reason we feel good when we are filled with this energy is because it is in essence the same energy as we need to live. This does not mean they are the same however. Reiki is a lesser form of the greater energy. Also you need to understand that the guiding force of Reiki is not actually a guiding force. What happens is that when we tap HLFE we have the power to use intuition, deep level intuition. Since most people do not use this skill on a conscious level it can appear as if it is external. I know some of you like the guiding force and the concept that a "Higher Power" plays a part. However in healing it is not a reality. This does not mean there is no "Higher Power", what it means is that life is ours to do with as we choose. When we heal we make decisions as to "How" to heal and "What" to do. If we take time to listen to our inner voice then we can be guided to what really needs to be done. As we learn to listen to our inner voice more and more you will see that what you can do increases. The potential for healing rises and ability becomes more powerful.

It is also important to note there is no such thing as a Universal Life Force Energy. The reason is that once energy becomes universal is can only exist as raw ambient energy. The reason for this is that each and every form of life, whether animal, plant, mineral, or even thought is unique and uses different energies.

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The reason we want to explain this in proper terms is that in this system True Reiki Energy, the one used in the Silverwolf Reiki system, is Human Life Force Energy and it is this energy that forms the backbone of all that we do. As humans the main energy we use is HLFE. It is not the only one nor is it necessarily the most powerful. It is however the foundation and that makes it the most important. Another reason this is important is that in the following pages we are going to break HLFE down into is element components. This will help show you what Reiki energy is and how it compares to HLFE. It will also help you to understand more about yourself and how it works. However once you see what Reiki is and see the difference between HLFE you will be able to tap HLFE to a much greater degree and thus will be able to accomplish more in your life.

Before we break down HLFE (Human Life Force Energy) down into its basic components and explain how it all works remember that there are many, many Life Force Energies. Each species of animal and plant, each type of mineral and rock, even the air itself and the power of thought has its own unique Life Force Energy. As we said earlier there is in truth no such thing as "Universal Life Force Energy". This does not mean that each of the Life Force Energies are not useable by other forms of life, far from it. The truth is that when we eat we take the Life Force Energy of our food and convert it into other forms. When we heal with Crystals we are using their Life Force Energy to enhance our own. When we breathe we take the life force energy of the air and use it to strengthen our bodies.

Before we get to HLFE let us begin by breaking down the energy in the food we eat as it will help you to better understand HLFE and Energy as a whole. Everything we eat, whether plant or animal, is alive. Even in death we are still full of Life Force Energy. When we eat, we take the Life Force Energy of our food and we break it down into its component energy forms. From this we can use those energy forms to create whatever is needed by the body… at least as long as we have the right forms. What I want you to understand is that energy forms are like building blocks. When you have only square blocks you can not make triangular shapes. When you have round ones you can not make square shapes.

We did say that energy can be broken down all the way to Ambient Energy and then re-built into anything else needed. This is indeed true, however we as a species do not yet have the ability to do it to that extreme. We can take complex energy forms and break them down into less complex forms, and in some cases even into not so complex ones. At this point however we do not have enough control of the ability to create completely new energy forms, we can only rearrange existing ones.

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When it comes to the energy forms we get from our food, the air, the water, etc… we store them and set them aside until needed. Thought not simply just for the needs of the human body. We can use the forms we have stored to power thought, harness ideas, to fuel intuition, to change the lives of others, and countless other uses. We can do this because everything needs energy to work. In truth everything is made up of energy and we can harness it to do what we want to do.

As an example, lets look at the energy of an idea. Out of nothing an idea is born, it builds energy and becomes a thought. The thought is added to by other thoughts and becomes a concept. The concept is added to by more and more thoughts and eventually becomes a plan. From there more thought come and now forms are added. As the forms and thoughts build the thing begins to take shape. With more thoughts and more forms eventually the thing that started out as nothing more then an idea becomes "Reality". The energy needed to make this amazing thing a reality came from the people who thought it up and give it new thoughts, from the food eaten to power the humans, from the energy of the tools, the energy of the materials and the energy of very place the idea was born. Yet in between each of these there is more energy and more energy forms.

Energy is not something that can be explained in any simple or basic term. In truth as you can see energy is vast beyond understanding. It is abstract beyond abstract. Yet it is also so simple and elegant. This is exactly why we want to take energy and show you the true reality of how it works and what can be done with HLFE.

Now that you understand the basics it is time to break HLFE into its various components. In simple terms there is "Ambient Human Life Force Energy". Much like Ambient Energy this is the foundation from which all the other energies needed in HLFE can be created. Ambient HLFE is an energy form, a very complex one… however its soul function is to be the platform from which all the other HLFE energies can grow and function. About 65% of HLFE is ambient. Each different from of Life Force Energy needs Ambient Life Force Energy to be able to support life. Some LFE's will have more of the foundation then others, some will have less. However no other energy can use the LFE of another without breaking it down into its common components first.

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Once you have the ambient energy serving as a platform other energies can take hold and use the energy to become the more complex energy forms needed to create the "thing" itself. These new energy forms are called "Basic Converters". What they do is take the ambient energy and with only a small amount themselves "convert" it into other more complex energy forms. Think of them like dye, add a small amount to water and the water becomes the color of the dye.

In humans we have two basic converters, the first is known simply as "Physical Energy Converters". These combine with the Ambient Energy to create the Physical Human Body. There are many different types energy produced by these converts , just as there are many types of different physical parts to the body. Since the PEC's use AHLFE to become what they do does not mean there is a lot of them. In fact only about 5% of the HLFE is made up of the raw PEC's. Once they attach to the AHLFE they convert it into the higher energy forms.

The other basic converters are know as "Mental Energy Converters" which are the same as the PEC's except that instead of making up the Physical Body they make up the Mental one. It is they that give us the ability to think and reason. They too only make up about 5% of Human Life Force Energy, however the Mental Body is also supported by much higher energy forms, which is why we have personality and other such unique characteristics.

The next group of energy we want to discuss are the "Advanced Converters". These are in essence the same as the converters, except that they create even more complex energy forms. If you think of Converters as dye, think of Advanced Converters in the terms of baking a cake. They are the recipe, the method, the heat and the decoration. The ambient HLFE still makes up all the ingredients, however you end up with more then just colored water.

The first advanced converter is the "Intuitive Energy Generators". It is they that actually create intuition, in all its forms. The difference between this energy and the ones created with the converters is that it has the power to manipulates them. Intuitive Energy alters Mental Energy to produce "Intuition". However there are many forms of Intuition. As an example… we have "Guiding Force", "Instinct", "Impressions", "Fore Knowledge" and countless more. The IEG's make up about 3% of HLFE themselves, however they are also directly linked to the "Psychic Ability Generators". These are the forms that dictate direct Psychic Ability. They only make up about 2% of the HLFE, however they directly interact with the various IEG's and can actually super-charge them. For that reason they were combined in this explanation and together make up 5% of the Human Life Force Energy.

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The next energy is that of personality and uniqueness. Unfortunately it is not so easy an energy to explain. For simplicity we have chosen to call this energy "Controllers" and it makes up an additional 5% of the HLFE. The reason it is not so easy to explain is that they has the power to directly manipulate all the other forms thus far mentioned. Controllers can boost psychic ability, or cut it off. They can define our body shape or even our health. The reason that it can do these things is because it is also powered by the others. Once you set in motion the thought that "I should be fat", the Controllers then sets to work to make it a reality. Once it becomes a reality it is not so easy to change. The unfortunate Downside to them is that many of the issues we have are made up in part from the Controllers. However the up side to them is that we have our own unique personalities, our own view points and ideas.

Now we come to the next 2% of the Human Life Force Energy picture, and in truth one of the most powerful parts. That is the energy of change, or the "Transformative Energy Forms". The reason that HLFE is so vast and powerful is because of this one type of energy form. It is the most advanced of the advanced converters. From it comes the true awesome power of life itself… the ability to adapt and change! As we have seen what makes the advanced converters so powerful is that they can manipulate the other energy forms and get them to do different things. However they only react within the confines of what they are. As an example a Mental Energy Form may be the concept of E=MC². As we learn and grow we also add to it that E is Energy, M is Mass and C² is the Speed of Light Squared. As we grow further we then add the understanding of what they mean and how they react. The reason we can take the basic and turn it into complex is because of our ability to grow and change. The change happens at as direct result of the Transformative Energy Forms. However in this case the end result is still just a Mental Form.

Do not think that it is the TEF's that create new knowledge and let us grow. For it is the MEC's that get created as we learn that creates the knowledge, and it is the cells that are created from the PEC's that allow us to grow physically. When an energy form is created it uses the raw materials set aside for what it is to become. A new Mental Energy Form uses the AHLFE converted by a new "raw" MEC to become what it is to become. What the TEF's do is to break apart the energy form and allow it to be added to by new energy forms. It is that process that allows us to learn and grow, to heal and evolve.

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Yet that is only the smallest tip of what the TEF's do. It is the TEF's that also allow us to grow beyond our natural ability and evolve in spirit and not simply physical form. The TEF's have the power to take any energy form they choose and convert it into any other energy form. It is the TEF's that allow us to convert food into energy, thought into function, an idea into a reality. Unfortunately as we are only currently able to use Basic TEC's that we can not take energy of any form and convert it into energy of another completely different form. Basic TEC's can only perform basic conversions, to do complex ones would take Complex TEF's which the body does not possess in sufficient amount at this point in evolution.

I want to stop and show you why "Reiki Energy" has been with us from the beginning. You will notice that we have now laid out 82% of Human Life Force Energy. At this point we actually have basic Reiki Energy… the one actually used in the Reiki System. At this level it has great potential and indeed is the reason we feel good after having a session. After all it is the TEF's present in Reiki Energy that convert it into the various energy forms needed by the body. Unfortunately the TEF's in Reiki can only convert the energy into those already being used by the body. What this means is that the Reiki System Energy only perpetuates what and who we already are… good and bad. It does not provide anything other then the building blocks we need in order to be what we already are. It is this limitation that prevents healers from doing deep level healing. However it is with the more advanced Human Life Force Energies that true, deep level healing can occur.

Which brings us now to the next 3% of HLFE, the "Creative Energy Seeds". Unlike the other energies thus far explained this is a "Seed" and not a "Form". What this means is that it creates energy on its own. What the seed does is take raw ambient energy and convert it into other energy forms. The CES's are not about creation in the idea of making a house or building a boat. What they create is the power of creation itself. It is the seeds that "plant the idea" of a new thought. It is the seeds that create new energy never before seen. As we evolve and gain in the ability to use Complex TEF's it is the seeds that will create them. The difference with the seeds is that they can be used outside the human system. As an example let us look at the power of suggestion. We can encourage people to do what is suggested simply by "planting a seed" and letting it grow. In healing this is a very powerful tool in that it is this one ability that will allow you to give someone the strength to grow. As we help people to understand what is wrong we can plant a seed and thus help them to be able to make change. However we can also plant seeds that do harm. If you tell someone that they are "stupid" it too will plant a seed and when it grows they will be affected by it. The seeds are truly the "Seeds of Life" and without them we would not exist. It is precisely this one thing that is missing from the Reiki System. Without the ability to plant seeds we do not have the power to encourage change. We do not have the power to truly support someone in need. If we plant the seed of hope, we become hopeful, the seed of love creates love. That is the true power of the Creative Energy Seeds, with them we can truly make a difference in the world around us.

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Now we at last come to the last 15% of Human Life Force Energy. This is not an energy, nor does it have any defined form. This is simply the energy of "Untapped Potential". The reason that this has no real form and no ability is because we have not yet begun to use it. As we evolve it will get used up. As we gain the ability to use Complex TEF's the Untapped Potential will lower. As we expand in our other abilities it too will alter. In time it may be that we create a new energy form. As an example one that allows us to create food from thin air. Which would be a combination of the Seeds and Complex TEC's. Only time will tell what this last 15% will become. However it is because of it that we have the ability to grow beyond our current understanding and evolve.

Even thought you now know the basics of what HLFE is understand that it is still just the tip of the iceberg. From here we could do a similar breakdown of "Chi", of "Prana" and "Mana"… which in truth are different energy forms. We could also break down the LFE's of each animal, plant, mineral, and even thought itself. However there is no real point to doing this. You now know how complex and diverse energy is, you have seen how energy can affect other energy and you know that energy can be converted into other forms. From this point there is only one more thing needed, and that is the knowledge that even thought some energies are the same they are not all that way.

Reiki System Energy is so wonderful because it has 82% of the same components as HLFE. That alone makes it such a wonderful gift. However once you understand that even in Reiki Healing you can tap 100% HLFE and not simply 82% then you can go beyond what is taught and truly be able to help people. Remember you can not do for others what you can not first do for yourself. If you can not tap the seeds to improve your own life, there is no way you can tap them to help others.

However this is a Tao-Te-Chi Course, which is what this has been provided for. Tao-Te-Chi exists because it can tap many different energies. We took the time to break down Reiki and give you the truth about it because it is still the one energy used more then any other in Tao-Te-Chi. Human Life Force Energy courses through us and everything we do it fed by it. However it need not be the only energy we use. Tao is an energy all of its own, one that is multi-vibrational because it was build by the HLFE of the people who brought the concept, however it is also fed by other non-human energies. One such being that of the "Higher Power", no matter what you choose to call it. It however does not possess HLFE in the same form, though it is made up of many of the same root building blocks… no matter how powerful. It is from this mixing that Tao has grown into something so vast and powerful.

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However this does not mean that all things are made up of the same blocks. All energies, no matter what, can be unraveled to a common thread. Even though that thread may exist only at the level of ambient energy. Some energies however are made up of blocks completely unlike those that make up HLFE. Which is where the true power of Tao-Te-Chi come in. Unlike Reiki Energy which uses 82% of HLFE or Silverwolf Reiki which uses 100%, Tao-Te-Chi uses many of the great energies of life… ALL LIFE! As such there are some energies that are so completely different from HLFE that if you were to take them on raw could do some real harm. As we told you before it is the differences in energy that allow us to grow. If we tap an energy we do not know how to use our body will naturally begin to unravel it in an attempt to figure it out. As that happens we will, over time, begin to be able to use that energy.

Even thought you now see what HLFE is made up of does not mean that we are using it to its full potential. After all 5% of a dollar is only 5 cents. 5% of a thousand dollars is 50 dollars. Some people use more HLFE then others, meaning that some may be dealing with 25 cents while others have a hundred dollars. What we wanted to show was the general breakdown, not the exact abilities. Understand that HLFE only represents a microscopic fraction of Life Force Energy. How could we possibly explain a single energy in a system of energy so vast that all of human life would simply be the head of a pin to the rest of the universe. As we learn and grow we may well even change the balance of HLFE. It may be that the Psychic Ability Generators increase and we gain new abilities.

Lastly I want you to also understand that even thought we have 5% of something does not mean we are using it. Some people only use a fraction of what is available because for them there is no need. When we grow it does not mean that we gain new ability, it may well be that we are simply discovering what is already there.

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