The Truth About Illness and Injury

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The main reason most people feel that we become sick is more in the realm of "Just Because" or even "It Was Meant to Be". However there are very few diseases and injuries that happen as a result of those ideas. In the beginning if we become sick it is sometimes hard to see why we have become ill and falling on either of those two ideas is sometimes easier. The reality however is that there is not an illness or injury that happens without a reason. As we progress through this section we will help to break down the various reasons why illness and injury can manifest.

To begin with let us look at the realm of the purely physical illness and injury. In all truth there are none! For an injury or illness to be purely physical would mean that you can not have the ability to think, reason, choose or even live. If you can do any of these things then there can be no such thing as a purely physical injury or illness.

The reason for this is that if you can make a choice or think for yourself then you also have the right to choose where you go and what you do. As an example if you get hit by a car there is a component in that of that is your fault. The events that led up to the injury were of your choosing. If you had left home a minute earlier, or stopped at the store instead of going straight home, or didn't run that red light earlier, then you would not have been at the place at that time when the accident occurred. You of course did not make the accident happen, it was just that the series of events leading up to it were of your choosing. You have to take responsibility for yourself and your actions if you ever want to be whole.

That type of injury is a "Circumstantial Injury", resulting from the circumstances that led to its development. However there are also illness' that can develop in the same way. As an example you choose to go for a walk in the rain, your body gets cold and as a result you lowered your bodies resistance to the common cold… and sure enough you catch one. This is the same kind of thing. The circumstances that you choose led you to becoming ill.

Of course that does not mean that every time you get sick it is a result of circumstances. There is also the realm of "Unconscious Free Will". When illness and injury happen as a result of Unconscious Free Will it is always as a direct result of the things we "wish" would happen. The easiest one to help explain this is the idea of "I hate work", if every morning you curse and swear because you have to go to work. If while driving to work every morning you just wish you never had to go to work again. If you count the seconds till the end of the day just to get away from work. Then eventually something is going to happen.

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What happens is that here you tell your unconscious mind that you wish you did not have to go to work and would love a reason not to go. So it in turn then looks for a solution to the problem. It could be as simple as causing a cold, and giving you a few days off. The body simply reduced the level of resources it had to fight the cold and let it win. However it could also let you get into a violent car accident that put you in a body cast for the next year. The sad thing is that it was actually of your choosing. Even though it was not like you got up in the morning and said "I think I will get into an accident today and spend the next few years in hell". It was the choices that you made that led up to the circumstances that resulted in the injury. In this case however it was a completely unconscious desire that led to the circumstances, not simply dumb luck.

Yet there is also the realm of the "Completely Conscious Choice". This is where you actually chose to get injured or sick. It could be that you did not want to go to work and actually tried to catch a cold so that you had a few days off. Or that you stuck your hand into the table saw blade because you were not paying attention. That is a conscious choice. If you choose not to pay attention then what happens as a result is a product of that choice.

Yet there are still other reasons we can become sick and injured. How about the realm of "Needed to Learn". How many storied have we heard of people who started out in life as very arrogant and cruel people. People who actually seem to not care if they hurt others or in fact may even enjoy going out of their way to hurt others. All of a sudden they loose a loved one or they themselves get into a terrible accident. The next thing you know they are the most amazing and wonderful people. They go out of their way to make a difference in the world around them. They actually seem to have an insatiable desire to make amends for the things they used to do.

What happened is that they made a lot of choices that did a great deal of harm to themselves and others. Eventually events unfolded in such a way as to show them the error of their ways and helped them to see how much of their life has been wasted on their actions. This gave them the strength to make a change and move forward in life.

That of course is an extreme case. However it does happen on a smaller scale. Sometime simply getting a scare is enough. Some people may have a Doctor tell them they may have AIDS, then a month later say that the tests came back negative and they were fine. The fear of having AIDS may be enough to wake them up to the reality of their life. Or it could be as simple as having someone you care about, yet may not have been appreciating, get sick or injured. That serves to remind you that they are worth caring about.

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Then of course we get into the realms of the Energetic. We all have a set amount of recourses with which to live our life. The more you do to develop them the stronger they become and the more we have to use. Yet the more we waste them the less we have to use. When we get sick out bodies naturally begin to fight of illness and injury, however if we do not have the resources to combat this problem then we will loose and it will win. If you get the flu bug and your body is strong enough to fight it off then it will not take hold. If you are too weak, say from stress or exhaustion, then it will win and you get the flu.

That is a very basic example, however there are even more extreme ones. How about the parent who gets mad at their children all the time for the smallest things? They get themselves so worked up and so stressed out that they are always run down, as a result they are then always feeling sick. Yet they have to function and so they get even more upset at their kids because now they feel bad and their kids are running around like wild animals.

Over time this continues and one day they snap. Their entire body just shuts down, their mind just vanishes and they are gone. In other words they worked themselves up so much as to actually cause a nervous breakdown. It was totally of their own choosing, not to mention the damage that it most likely has done to the children.

What happened here is that their body began to use more and more of their energy to fight their kids. They slowly were in truth killing themselves. Eventually their body got to the point that the energy was so low as to reach critical levels and if continued would have led to death. That death could have come from suicide, or simply shutting down. So the body took steps and did what it needed to break the cycle and MAKE the body stop. Now that the body has shut down it can work on healing itself, fixing the energetic problems and hopefully rebuild the resources needed to deal with the emotional ones.

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There is also the cause of the "sickly child". The poor kid who if even gets a drop of water on them are in the hospital with pneumonia. This unfortunately is also an energetic problem. Their body literally has next to no resources with which to combat illness and injury. It may be as a result of the way they were raised. If their parents never let them do anything, were always keeping them "safe" and freaking at them each time tried to do ANYTHING! Then of course they are going to evolve with that being the main stay. So in an attempt to keep themselves safe from "Mom's Wrath", the feeling of being bad because tried to do anything, their body simply developed so Mom would always be right. In other words, since Mom said if I do anything I will get sick, when I do anything I will get sick.

I hope you will have noticed that of all the situations above there was a lot of overlapping. There is in truth no injury or illness that is a direct result of only one idea, mentality or reason. They all combine and compound and that is what causes the problems.

However now that you have seen the basics of why injury and illness can and do develop you also need to know how to fix the problem. That is very simple… UNDERSTANDING! If you can understand why it happened in the first place then you can work on changing the things that led to the cause. That in turn allows you to be able to remove the problem… or at least help deal with the results of the problem.

Some problems will actually simply disappear if you can deal with the reason for them and help people learn how to take control of their own life and their own choices. Isn't that what healing is all about? Helping people become whole in all aspects of their life!

From The Tao-Te-Chi Intensive Healing Course Manual
Copyright May 2003


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