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TAO - The Supreme Path of Life.

Tao can not simply be given a brief definition without taking away from what Tao truly is, however the basic definition of Tao is that it is "The Way". However Tao is more appropriately defined as "The Supreme Path of Life". To truly even begin to understand Tao we recommend you read the "Tao Te Ching" a wonderful book that gives a glimpse into the true vastness of Tao, or as many of the books on Tao as you can. All will help you to see the true vastness of Tao.

TE - The Expression of Tao.

Where Tao is the Supreme Path of Life, Te is the expression and form that Tao takes. To put this into perspective, think of Tao as a building. In this definition Te would then be all the people that built the building, all the materials used to make the building and indeed all everything inside the building.

CHI  -  Life Force Energy

The word Chi means the same as "Ki" in Japanese, "Prana" in Sanskrit, and "Mana" in Hawaiian. Chi is simply life force energy; it is the essence of the nonphysical energies that animate all living things. Chi is not simply one type of energy, it is simply the term for all of the life force energies.

Tao-Te-Chi is The Energy and Expression of the Path of Life.

Tao-Te-Chi is therefore the energy and expression that life uses to guild us to the supreme path of our life for the purpose of becoming whole and creating life. When we become whole and complete we in a way are reborn. Also when someone is healed truly they are filled with life. It is to those aspects that "Creating Life" applies and not that of procreation etc, though Tao-Te-Chi may be able to help in that area as well.

The divergence from Reiki to Tao-Te-Chi is that Reiki is merely ONE of the great energies of life, and Tao-Te-Chi uses MANY of the great energies of life. Though Reiki is vast beyond measure it is still only one energy type. Tao-Te-Chi is truly a form of energy work that has the potential to go beyond that of natural human ability.

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Always remember Tao-Te-Chi as a System is about Personal Growth and Self Discovery Through Healing. What this means is that in the process of learning to heal it is our hope that you will take the lessons taught and use them in every aspect of your life. Lessons like "Trust In Yourself" which must be one of the first lessons you learn if you want to be able to truly heal yourself and others. If you do not have trust in yourself and your ability to heal, then you will not be able to heal as well as you otherwise could.

Trusting in your ability to heal is usually a fairly easy lesson to learn, as we begin to do actual hands on healing you will be able to feel the energy flowing through you and you will also get feedback from those you have worked on. The first time someone looks you in the eye and says "WOW, that felt good!" will be a day you are not likely to forget.

Understand however that Tao-Te-Chi is not just about dumping energy into people, far from it. As this course progresses you will also be taught things like how to go inside people and find out what is causing their problems. This is of huge benefit as a healer in that if you can deal with the cause of a problem you will be able to help those you work on to eliminate that problem all together, not just remove it for a short time.

Tao-Te-Chi also helps to teach you some things about yourself. Things like Intuition, a gift that we all possess. Tao-Te-Chi will help you to understand Intuition, help you to be able to use it in healing as well as in day-to-day life. Intuition is a very wonderful tool for living in that it can help guide up to wonderful opportunities we may overlook otherwise. And in healing, it helps us to be able to find out the cause of a problem and also make sure the healing itself is of benefit to those we work on.

There is another major gift that Tao-Te-Chi offers. Not only do you get to learn techniques, ideas and insights, you also get to see how they relate and interact. In life that is very important, if you can look at a situation from start to finish, which may take years in some areas, you can start to see the relations between them. When this happens it becomes easier to guide life to where you want it to be and at the same time help you will begin to understand much more about yourself so that you can begin to change old patterns and remove outdated ideas.

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In healing there is so much more then just using energy and we hope to be able to teach you a broad range of tools and techniques so that you can heal to the best of YOUR ability. And also to help you grow and become better in all aspects of life.

That is where Tao-Te-Chi truly shines. All that we teach will first and foremost help YOU to become YOU, and this is the foundation for each and everything Tao-Te-Chi is all about. Each tool, insight, idea and technique is a guideline for you to grow from. They are not set in stone, but are merely there to give you a place to start. Over time you may find that you use them in different ways then you did before. You may also find that things start to work differently. It is all a part of the journey to becoming a self-aware gifted healer and all you have to do is give yourself permission to "go with the flow" as it were.

Let me take time to tell you a story about some of the things I went through on my road to becoming the healer and teacher I am today.

There was a time when I was so full of energy and it was so unfocused that I would try and heal people and just about pass out due to the heat. My body would become so warm that even if I had windows open and fans blowing I could not cool off, not until I stopped the healing I was doing that is. As a result for a time I got out of healing because it was too hard on the body. Then I began to realize that the reason I was too hot was that my body was generating more energy then I could process. I had to retrain my body in how to use that amount of energy. I taught it how to maintain a constant flow so that any energy not needed simply left my body in a more natural way. When I did this many new things began to happen, I could now heal better then I had ever been able to do before and I got to learn a great deal about how Energy really worked in the process.

Now, many years later, I found I had a new puzzle to unravel. When I do healings now I find I need to remove my shoes and stand in my socks. For if I do not then the energy flow is limited. This I came to realize was because of two main factors. One is that the energy of my body, which needs to enter and leave through my feet as well as my head, is too much for the material that my shoes are made of, they simply do not allow that much energy through. Second is the fact that my own energy was flowing in a way and at an amount I have never been able to previously. This means that when I remove the shoes the energy is able to move freely and that I am able to heal with a great deal more energy that I could with my shoes on.

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Things will change over time, ideas will evolve and tools will expand. You as a Healer and a Self Aware Individual must be able to deal with those changes and adapt. We want you to know there is no right or wrong in healing, there is no one way of doing things. You have inside you a wonderful ability to know what needs to be done when is needs to be done. It will take some time to develop this ability, however once done then you will be able to use it to the fullest and be able to heal in ways never before imagined. At the same time it will help you to be able to live a much richer and fuller life, all it takes is time and trust. Which is something we hope to lay the foundations of in the flowing lessons.


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