Dealing With Our First Awareness

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This is another of the chapters from one of the books Devon (Tao-Te-Chi Founder) was / is in the process of writing. It goes right along with the one called "Intro - Deeper Workings Of The Human Mind".

Before we delve deeper into the workings of our minds or look at other influences that can have a huge impact on our lives we need to take a moment to go back. Back to the time when we are safe and secure inside the womb, back to a time shortly around the time we first become aware. Back to a time and place where our entire world consists of noises we know nothing about, except that they make us feel safe and content, and all we know is a sense of floating and bliss. We need to go back to the point that we first become aware of all of this and begin to grasp what it all means.

When we start out on the great road of life the very first thing we become aware about it is "Me". We don't really know what "Me" is, only that we are one and that it is supposed to mean something. Slowly over time the concept of "Me" evolves and opens up to the idea of "I", which quickly translates into "I Am". Just as you are sitting there right now not really knowing what this all means, there you were at the beginning doing the same basic thing.

These are abstracts that don't really have any meaning yet seem like they should. These represent ideas and concepts that will one day become important and will help us to grow and evolve. We sort of know all this, even though we don't necessarily know how we know, or really understand. Yet in the back of our mind these ideas become stuck, firmly rooted and refuse to budge from our minds.

The one day while safely and contently floating in the womb happy as can be they all start to make some sense. It doesn't all come together instantly, but there is a new awareness that is slowly seeping in. Until one day everything finally falls into place and we realize that we are alive and that we have a budding awareness that we are alive. This concept now begins to take form and have meaning, a special meaning that means we are becoming whole and complete. We are now opening up to the universe and all the possibilities of life.

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This evolves until finally we realize that we are a part of this amazing universe that we live in and it responds to us directly. We begin to realize that we have power over it, we can move it and shift inside it. We can even begin to move some of these other things that seem to be attached to us… we don't know what they are, but they seem to be ours to control. However in all of this we even begin to realize that there is a difference between one part of the day and the next. There is a time somewhere, even those "time" still does not have any meaning yet, where we seem to go away and then come back from. We begin to realize that we do something called sleep and during this time things change.

Through this all we begin to understand that when we go to sleep this universe ceases to exist and when we wake it is recreated. There is no real noticeable change at this point. Only that it goes away and then comes back again. Not only that, but eventually we realize the same things happens when we simply close our eyes. Even in this brief moment everything is gone. What power we have… we are the masters of this universe and it obeys our every whim.

Of course what we have no concept of is the fact that this particular universe is really not that big. In fact this very universe fits perfectly inside the tummy of every woman out there. That's right!!! This universe we are talking about is all to do with the womb. We have not been born, we know nothing of the outside world, we don't even really know that those things that we seem to have some control over but generally seem to have a mind of their own are our own arms and legs. The world around us is a small tiny place and there is no room even to begin to realize that there is more out there.

This is the world that we first become aware of and it is in this setting that our very first conscious thoughts begin to happen. In all truth the very first conscious thought that any of us ever have in life is the simple and basic idea that "I am the center of the universe". Which when you look at it in the perspective just shown… it is accurate. Our universe is the womb and we have it all to ourselves. Everything that happens in there is totally 100 percent to do with us. What an amazing place!

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This then becomes the complete and absolute cornerstone of our very existence. I am the center of the universe. I have the power to shape and mold it to my desire… at least until the day we see the light… if you will! At least until the day of our birth, when all of a sudden we find ourselves thrust out of the paradise. When we find ourselves in this new alien land surrounded by these alien beings all focuses on me. Not only are they focused on me… they are completely engrossed on me. I seem to be the only thing getting any real attention here. Well wait a minute, I am the center of the universe and here are all these people who obviously know it. This is all good and fine but this is not really all that much fun, I was happy and comfortable where I was, I want to go back… Put Me Back! Put Me Back! Put Me Back!

I don't know about you, but in that situation I think I would cry too… Oh wait I did! Of course so did everyone else! Kind of makes you think doesn't it?

So here we are now thrust into this new world we know nothing about and very quickly realize we have the same kind of power we had back there, only different. This time I make noises of my own and everyone comes running. In this world all I have to do is wiggle and move and it is seen as a miracle. Even if I am hungry or feeling lonely all I have to do is make a tiny sound and all of a sudden everything is fixed for me. Well, well, well… it looks as if I really am the center of the universe.

So what this means is that in truth the first thing we learn in this life is the idea that "I am the center of the universe" and the second of course is that "you are the center of the universe". Thus we now have our beliefs and they have been reinforced by other outside parties. Of course what you may not see is that this is not based on arrogance or control. This is not because deep down we feel that we are the most special and best in life. All of this is simply a lesson that has yet to be contradicted. There is not ego in this situation and there is no malice, jealously or manipulation. All we have is an idea that everyone seems to support. Thus it becomes the way of things in a world where there is yet to be given an alternative.

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As we grow and evolve however there are two main options that can occur as a result of this situation. The first one we will discuss is that we move from having the idea that "I am the center of the universe" to having the total and absolute belief that "I" am the center of the universe. Remember this from the introduction? This occurs because no one has ever offered any resistance to this idea. If I whine, cry and have a fit and you give it… the idea is supported. If I ask for something and it is always given… again the idea is supported. If I don't like something and you take it away… once again it is supported too.

If we live in a world where we get everything we want and there are no boundaries set then we get reinforcement of this idea. This then becomes such and ingrained and entrenched idea that we now have to maintain it at all costs. This is what causes power struggles between parents and their children. It is also what causes selfishness and malice. If I get what I want I am happy, if not then you all must pay. Of course the problem is not so much that a five year old has this problem. The true problem is that this five year old will grow up and keep it. All of a sudden we now have a twenty-five year old with this same mind set. All of a sudden we have a power hungry person who will do anything to keep in power.

This is not some abstract idea that is really interesting to think about, this is a fact of life! If we are not ever shown the realities of our lives then we will never be able to live them fully and honestly. If everyone always gives in then how will we ever see that there is anything other then "ME"?

Lets now pause for a minute and look as some things that are very important to now. A one year old has no concept of the rest of the world, no matter what you try and do they simply are not in a position to understand. Thus it is important to make sure that they do indeed get everything that they need when they need it. That means giving them love, attention, food etc. It does not mean jumping at every coo or whimper. It does not mean hiding away with them for fear that something will happen to them if you are gone. It means trusting in your own feelings, make sure you have your own life and simply make them one of the most important parts of it. It means that you can not live your life for them, only share it with them.

This is vital as we need to be open and honest. If we sell ourselves out to please our children, or eve someone else, then all we are doing is reinforcing their belief that they are the center of the universe and have all the power. When we chose to share with them instead we show them that we are important, they are important and together we are both important at the same time. This allows for there to be another side to this tale.

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However, when our children become older it is also important to set limits and enforce them. In truth we all needs boundaries and without them we feel lost and confused. Most children, or people who have no boundaries, spend so much time fighting everything is not because they want power. It is because they know there is a boundary some where and they are just desperate to find it. This is a very unpleasant place to be and only serves to cause trouble and reinforce the negative side of this concept. By providing limits that remain constant and true we temper our young and can then work to mould them into decent, honest, truly amazing people. This then allows them to carry that into adulthood… instead of these other beliefs.

All of this now leads us to the other side of this puzzle. If we are shown that as we grow and evolve we are not truly the center of the universe. If we are shown instead that we are a vital and important part of it. Then all of a sudden the burden of being the center of the universe can disappear and we can share that power with others. This means that we can be more open and honest, both with ourselves and other people, while still remaining in control of our own lives. This is an amazing place to be and opens the doors to a lot of other amazing things.

Of course to get this we need people willing to show us how important we are on a regular basis, yet will not give in to us. We need to have the limits set and strictly enforced, not our of control but out of love. This is the best gift that any parent can give to their children and is something we all need to do in our day to day lives all the time. When you have people walk all over you how does it make you feel? When they show you respect and accept your boundaries… how much better does that feel? See? This is the proof that what I am telling you is real… our own life shows it if we are just willing to open up to it and listen.

Being the center of the universe is just a burden that most don't know how to give up. Where being a vital and important part of it is a gift and treasure. When we can make the distinction between the two then we can open many new doors. Doors like dedication, honesty, integrity and truth.

Lets look at dedication for a moment. If we are a vital and important part of the universe, and we know that we matter, how easy it is to set limits and enforce them? How easy does it become to decide what we want and give ourselves permission to go and get it? Dedication is simply the willingness to do something with honesty and commitment. All this just because we have limits and boundaries that we want to enforce because we thing we are worth it? YES! Absolutely, without question and totally, totally… YES!

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So then, what does all this mean to us?

It means that if we hold to the idea that we are the center of the universe as versus being a vital and important part of it, we get to carry around a lot of garbage and baggage that we don't need to. It tells us that we need outside sources once in awhile to help us reinforce the idea that we are important and vital in life until we become able to do it for ourselves. It tells us that we need to have the willingness to set limits and make them stick. All of is so that we can become free of a mind set that was never really meant to be there in the first place.

Unlike the Associated Mentalities and Cost / Benefit Analysis, this concept was never really meant to be there. In truth we were never meant to be as closed off as we are currently. It was never a viable option to grow up and not have this mentality tempered and forged by life so it could become something more. In fact if it was not for the fact we have free will it never would have happened in the first place.

That having been said, it was put into the mix of our minds so that we could grasp and deal with the reality of being an important and vital part of the universe. Without it happening we would have no idea what it means to be in a place of complete control and power. This may sound like a bad thing, however I am not talking the kind of control and power you are likely thinking about. What I am talking about is the ability and willingness to chart our own destiny and live our own special and unique lives. Without the idea that I am the center of the universe we would not be able to strive for the universe and open ourselves to the true power and majesty of life itself.

In reality, the idea that I am the center of the universe simply occurs because our minds do not have the ability to grasp the fact that there is more out there. At least until it is too late to stop if from happening in the first place. Thus we need to deal with this and work towards tempering it and putting it back into proper perspective. We need to work hard to keep this idea away from the negative Associated Mentalities that happen as a result. We need to work hard to keep it away from the negative Cost / Benefit Analysis' that can happen. We need to work hard to find a better and more positive outlet for this idea that we simply can not live without.

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Before we conclude this all, remember some very important and vital things. You are not really alone in this…everyone out there has this same problem; no one is exempt from it. You are a vital and important part of the world… you don't have to be the center anymore. You are worth the time and effort to fix this situation and no matter what anyone else says…

You are allowed to be yourself, have your own ideas and feelings and you are allowed to have and maintain you own limits in this life!

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