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Each of these writings came from either the Tao-Te-Chi Intensive Healing Course Manual, or were stand-alone booklets designed to help people explore specific topics. Each of the individual booklets are very important to help you learn more about yourself or why you are the way you are. The material from the Course Manual will help you learn more about "Healing" in it's many different forms.

Tao-Te-Chi Informative Booklets - 2005

Tao-Te-Chi - Becoming Free of Fake Emotions

One of the hardest things for most people to deal with in this life are our emotions. They seem to have a mind of their own and rear up at the worst possible times. For many of us it feels as if we were slaves to our own emotions. We feel like puppets on a string at our emotion's beck and call.

Tao-Te-Chi - Delving Into The Cloud of Denial

"De nial… not just a river in Egypt anymore!" For most of us this is how we look at Denial; as a joke or something not to be taken seriously. This position is not really a good one to have as Denial is a very powerful thing that causes a great deal of pain.

Tao-Te-Chi - Exploring Body Image Disorders

Most of us have at some point in our lives have seen someone say that they look "fat, ugly or other comment" when we did not see it; even if just on TV. The reality is that this is the mark of a major mental dysfunction that affects the lives of a large percentage of the population.

Tao-Te-Chi - Getting Lost In Growing Up Too Fast

When we look around us in today's society we find a great deal of young people trying to be Adults. We have girls that dress, talk and act like they are 35 by the time most are 15 or so. We have boys that dress all high and mighty trying to pretend they are rich and successful before even done High School.

Tao-Te-Chi - If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

We live in a world of competition and salesmanship; a world where what we see may not be what we get or even asked for. Everything around us seems to focus first and foremost on how much money we can make from it. Yet in the middle of all of this falls the lonely human who gets to try and sort it all out.

Tao-Te-Chi - Mystery Of Right and Wrong

Each and every one of us knows what is proper to do in our society and what is not. We all have this universal standard by which we live so we can ensure that there is no conflict or gray area. Well… if that was all true how come we have such a hard time determining and defining what is Right and Wrong in the world around us?

Tao-Te-Chi - Secret To Loving Ourselves

For most of recorded time we have looked at a sense of "Self Love" as a vital and important part of life. For many people however, this idea is nothing more than some abstract concept that really has no specific meaning. In many cases it seems as if the idea of Self Love is simply outside the realm of possibility for a lot of people. As a result the quality and integrity of their lives suffer.

Tao-Te-Chi - Uncovering Our Own Inner Needs

We have all heard that we have needs and it is important that we work to fulfilling them in our own lives. This in and of itself is a great and wonderful idea. What most seem to overlook however is that we all have different needs.

Tao-Te-Chi Beginner Healing Course Manual - 2005

Exploring The Different Types Of Healing

When it comes to healing there really are no easy and straightforward answers. In fact healing itself can be a very complex and exacting experience. As a result, it is important to understand as much about healing and how it works as you possibly can.

Tao-Te-Chi - A Brief History Of Healing

One of the important things needed when really working to understand something is to know its history. To know where it came from, who started it and what they did with it to bring it to where it is today. The same is true with healing.

Introduction To The Energetic Body

One of the most important aspects of healing is energy. Without it healing of the type we are here to learn about can not happen. However, what is less known is that we have an entire other body. One that is made totally of energy and it is this body that actually makes up the foundation for our entire life.

Tao-Te-Chi - What Is Healing

Healing itself is a natural and normal part of life; one that no living thing can exist without. It is the fundamental root of life and as a result is vital to both survival as well as evolution. However, in many ways it is also so much more than just that. As a result we will try and spend some time to shed the light into this mystery so we all can better and fully understand what healing really is.


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