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When it comes to healing there really are no easy and straightforward answers. In fact healing itself can be a very complex and exacting experience. As a result, it is important to understand as much about healing and how it works as you possibly can. To help you further that goal we want to take some time to explain the different types of healing and the benefits that they have to offer.

To begin with it is very important to first understand that there is no miracles with healing. There may be a lot of stories floating around detailing one miraculous experience or another. However at the end of the day many of these are actually the results of sales tactics or at the very most misunderstandings.

Many of the people who learn and train to be a healer never delve into the information and understanding side of things. As a result when something strange or odd happens they attribute it to being a miraculous event. When the same circumstances are presented to someone who does fully understand how healing works the miracle part disappears and reality comes out.

This in and of itself is one of the main reasons is it so vital to know as much as you can about how healing works. The other side is actually one of ego and concept. In point of fact, most people do not tap into the potential to heal or perform "miraculous" events. As a result when something strange or wonderful happens in their lives they can become lost and take full credit for it. Even when the events are in all truth normal and natural they are not for the person in question common.

This then leads to the belief that they did something special and miraculous; which quickly leads to them being better and special than other people. All of a sudden this person now feels as if they are capable of doing great deeds and try and repeat the process in others. Of course this does not work because the person has no understanding or idea of how they even did it all in the first place. Anger and frustration abound… and all of a sudden they become jaded and resentful.

Not of themselves for having sold themselves to this idea… but to others for not doing it the right way or blocking them… or countless other excuses for why it did not work. When this happens the person in question may well begin to punish others for their failure… even though the failure lay in the person doing it. All of which inevitably leads to people being hurt, crushed or trampled on… all because something happened that one person made into something more than it really was.

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Think this never happens? Look at all the healers in the world around you… they all claim that they can perform miracles, cure medical conditions and generally do the impossible. Yet not one system, style or tradition has ever been able to prove any of it in full clinical settings.

So then why do you ask are we going over this when this is supposed to be about learning what the different types of healing are? The answer is actually two fold. Firstly, that there is no point learning about that the types of healing there are when you have the idea in your head that healing can perform miracles. Secondly, because there are those on this planet that can actually perform those type of miracles.

I am sure that this has lead to confusion and uncertainty… so let me explain. Healing itself is something that every last person on the planet can do… no exceptions. From this totality comes special few others that can do things with healing that others can not… not miracles; just better and stronger version of the same thing. From this group emerges even a rarer few that can explain how it all works and understand it on a completely different level… this is what we are here to strive to teach you how to do.

There is however another type, one that generally either evolves from this last group, or simple emerges from no where… the ones that the rumors are based on and that everyone dreams of becoming… the ones who can heal physical damage before you very eyes.

Now it is important to understand that there are a great many people who claim this talent, many who will even show it; at least under their conditions. However, when all is said and done most are not real… they are fakers and charlatans that know how to play the crowd. They are magicians, illusionists and tricksters that show people what they want to see. Yet hidden amongst them all are those who can actually do this miraculous thing.

These rarest few offer the most desired yet most detrimental form of healing… Spontaneous Healing. Spontaneous Healing can not be taught, learnt or developed over time. The only way that it can happen is if you are born with the talent to do so. In truth over the entire planet there are no more than two or three people that can truly do this miraculous feat. There are a great many other who can perform feats that may appear to be the same thing… however they are very very different.

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True Spontaneous Healing would be the opposite side to Spontaneous Combustion. However in both cases when you delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding them you will see they do not add up. Spontaneous Healing does not occur when something suddenly fixes itself, nor does it occur after many healing session finally become right and whole. Spontaneous Healing occurs when nothing has been done beyond someone laying their hands over physical damage and healing it within mere seconds.

True Spontaneous Healing can be seen doing what it does. It will look as if the damage is simply fixing itself right before the eyes of those watching. Fake Spontaneous Healing uses tricks, misdirection and props to do what it does… or lack there of. If someone covers up the area, or they use blood, entrails or anything else… even if they "supposedly" come from within the person being healed… then applaud the performance as you would a play or movie and move on… for the real value is no more than that of a play or a movie. The reason people do good with this kind of trickery is because they are playing on the fears, desires and insecurities of those they work on.

Lets be honest, for most people the fear of dying of pretty much the biggest fear there is; especially if the death is going to be long, drawn out or painful. When you stop for a moment and look… who are these fakers working on and selling their product to? You never see a person with a broken arm being fixed, nor something with a skin condition. Only those that there can be no direct evidence to support or deny their claims. Plus, if it does not work when you go to the Doctor next they just claim you lack faith anyway.

True healing does not require faith, belief or tricks. It stands upon its own merit and capabilities.

So thus far we have shown the first two types of healing… Spontaneous Healing and Faith Healing. Both are linked together because they generally d more harm than good when all is said and done. Faith Healing prevents people from getting proper medical attention and leads to many people dying as a result. Spontaneous Healing generally can fix the Physical Problems yet totally has no ability to deal with anything deeper. This can lead to greater problems in the future…which is why anyone claiming to be able to Spontaneously Heal should keep the talent to themselves until they learn more about healing. Otherwise they could ruin someone's life merely by fixing a broken arm.

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The reason for this is a little complex, yet leads nicely into some of the other types of healing we want to discuss. Everything in life happens for a reason; there is no exception to this rule… EVER! The reason may not be known, it may be very difficult to discovery or may be very complex and hidden… yet there is always a reason.

If you heal something without exploring and understanding the reason it is there then it opens the door to complications. This is not because the healer triggered the complications, or even that it is a matter of punishment. Life is first and foremost about learning. Every complication, condition and problem can be linked to a lesson needed to be learnt. If the problem is fixed and the lesson not learnt then a new lesson needs to be prepared to learn the same lesson. In many ways if you do not learn one lesson then it will find a stronger way to teach itself to you. Thus when the one lesson went way it creates a bigger one to teach the same thing.

This does not mean that healing can not help you, nor does it mean it should be avoided. It really comes down to what you want to get out of it all. If healing is about simply getting rid of the problem then healing will only lead to more problems. If it is about dealing with and working through it then healing is a gift and benefit… one that can help support you through the problem itself. This is why, at the end of the day, healing types generally match healing problems.

Now that this has been explained we can delve into the other types of healing. There are five of them… Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Evolutionary. All represent different types of problems associated with life in one form or another and all need exploration to fully understand them. However, in the hands of a healer properly trained in how to understand and thus deal with them properly amazing things can occur… not miraculous as they are normal and natural things… just amazing!

To begin lets look into what Physical Healing entails. As the name suggests it is healing that needs to heal a purely physical problem. This could be a broken arm, a scrape or any number of other things. All pretty straight forward and easy to understand… yes? What is not known is that there is no such thing! No injury, illness or damage can be purely physical in nature.

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Lets stop for a moment and look at the last time you hurt yourself; whether it was a small thing like stubbing a toe or a major thing like falling off a mountain. When you got hurt what was the first thing to go through you mind other then "OW!"? Was it anger that it happened, sadness, despair, regret or some other emotion? In fact if you really look at it, especially when it comes to smaller injuries, was the emotion almost bigger than the physical component?

That at the end of the day is why there can be no such thing as pure physical healing and also why Spontaneous Healers need to learn more about healing. If you fix the physical damage without dealing with the emotional distress attached it will cause future complications… the biggest and worst of them being FEAR! This is why people become afraid of doing something that caused them pain, the emotional aspect was not dealt with. This at the end of the day is why it is such a good idea to do the thing that caused you pain as soon as you are able to do it… to remove the fear of it from your life.

This then brings us to the next type of healing… Emotional. Fear is an emotion, as is anger, hatred, love, caring and joy. What most people either do not want to admit to, or simply are too scared to, is that you cannot have one emotion without the others… "Emotions come as a full package deal!" Emotional Healing, as a result, can be a very complex and difficult type of healing. If actually requires a willingness and ability to deal with all of the emotions, not just the nice ones.

This at the end of the day is one of the biggest reasons that people work so hard at becoming un-emotional. The back of the mind has this idea that if we can become un-emotional then we will have total control over our own life. This is not however a fact of reality but of one based on fear. Fear itself is an emotion yet it is also the single most harmful of them all. Fear is what drives people to want to get rid of their emotions; whether fear of releasing their emotions and getting punished, or fear of losing control. Both are products of fear and both are the number one reason equally why people do not want to have emotions.

The catch, as was already said, emotions come as a package deal. Get rid of one and you have to get rid of them all. The alternative is to explore the emotions and learn how to use them fully and properly. This is really why people are so afraid of them… so few people really have a full grasp of emotions and thus so few people can help teach others how to master their own. Emotions are a tool that we think we should master when we are kids, yet are learning how to do it from people who have no idea how to master their own… talk about the blind leading the blind!

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Emotional healing as a result for most people is the single scariest thing they will ever face. Not because it is actually hard or scary, but because fear is a self-perpetuating emotion… it feeds upon itself and grows bigger and stronger with time. The advantage however is that those that can do emotional level healing can offer some of the most amazing and "miraculous" benefits to those they work on. Of course, to do that it means you must first master your own emotions to their fullest… something that you then must also be willing to help other do… that alone can be even scarier.

This is not meant to scare people way from healing… only make sure that you fully understand the requirements. Healing is something that too many people have run away from or hidden the requirements of. When you do that then ego and concept can too easily take hold and ruin everything you are trying to do. Healing requires dedication and commitment… not a weekend of fun and laughs. It can be so much fun… but only when you understand the rest and are willing to be open and honest about it all.

From this we then move to the next type of healing… Mental. As most people probably already have an idea, Mental Healing involves dealing with Mental Dysfunction. This can be things like depression, suicidal tendencies, multiple personalities or countless other mental diseases. The first thing that should be noted is actually two fold… Firstly, many of the so called Mental Dysfunctions are really just Emotional One! Secondly, in order to fully deal with the real Mental Dysfunctions… you really do need training way beyond what most healers undergo. We will explain both in their proper time.

To begin however lets look at Mental Dysfunction by itself. We classify any damage, problem or complication that can be attributed to the mind as a Mental Dysfunction. The problem with this limitation is that it then means that Emotions are a Mental Dysfunction by the very definition. This is not a good idea and in fact leads to way too many problems in our world today.

Lets look at a couple of the major big players in the Mental Dysfunction pantheon. We have Depression, which at the end of the day is nothing more than an emotional roller-coaster ride. There is Suicide, which is most often a desire to simply get off the emotional roller-coaster ride. Lastly there is Sadness… this is included separately because too many health professionals treat this as a Mental Dysfunction. Sadness at breaking up with someone, losing a loved one or just about any other traumatic event.

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First off… sadness, being depressed, preying for death… all of it… are the direct result of natural and normal processes of the mind, body and spirit. Some are there to show that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Others are simply the way we need to process and deal with things so we can return to normal.

When this system is interfered with then and only then do complications such as the ones listed above occur. Depression is the result of not living the life we need to live. This is not about wants, dreams or desires… it is NEED of the absolute sense. We NEED to belong to a group and feel part of something bigger than ourselves. If this need is not met, as is far far too common in our society of individuals… then our very soul crushes under the weight. I do not know about you… but that depresses me! When you deal with that soul crushing weight for too long then who would not want to end it and move to the next life… whatever it holds?

Then of course we have sadness, which is the bodies of way of dealing with and cleansing the system of this soul crushing weight. When someone dear to us passes on we are sad because our soul crushes a little and needs to be washed away. If we interfere with this process then the soul crush remains and over time others add t it and eventually everything falls apart. This will then lead us to the next type of healing… Spiritual. However, there are still pieces of this we need to explain.

This is why we said earlier that many Mental Dysfunctions are merely Emotional ones. When we deny, hide or bury our emotions it causes conflict in the system. This conflict will then manifest as problems such as Depression or others. If you do not then deal with the underlying Emotional burden then all you do is push the problem around. At the end of the day this can make things worse instead of better… which is why we as a society have this idea that Mental Dysfunction is not curable, only manageable.

Of course, there is a catch to all of this that we will now explain. There is a universal law that is at the center of healing. One that many people try and convert or pervert… yet is absolutely non-alterable… no matter how much people think it should be. This law states… "You Can Not Do For Someone Else What You First Can Not Do For Yourself!"

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If someone needs help dealing with an Emotional Dysfunction going to someone who is emotionally closed off and guarded is not going to help! By the same token going to someone who has a vested interest in keeping you down is also not going to help. This means that the only way you are ever going to get better is to get the help of someone who truly has the ability to help… while at the exact same time… helping yourself.

When you as the person damaged wants to keep you there… even if just out of fear of what happens if you get better… then you will never be able to get better. If you could have done it on your own you would have done so years ago. As a result the only way to get better from a Mental / Emotional Dysfunction is with both outside and internal help at the same time.

This is then why it is also so important when working this these types of dysfunction you get trained well beyond what healers normally train. There is a reason that Psychologist and Psychiatrists spend so much time in school and practice. They are trying to learn how to do what we just showed. The only problem with this, and I know it will cause a lot of anger, is that how can these people do it when they themselves do not fully know themselves?

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that a healer should go in and do the work… far from it! What I am trying to convey is that idea that it does not matter what pieces of paper someone has on the wall or how many years of training they have. At the end of the day all that really matters when dealing with this is the personal experience and capabilities.

Just because you cannot learn how to do this in a text book does not mean that you can not have learnt it! It is a matter of the individual and not the profession. Only once you have learnt how to do it for yourself can you then learn how to help others do the same. From that point you may actually be able to put it in a text book and teach others… but even if you can you still need the personal experiences of it yourself to fully understand it and be able to help others.

So let us stop for a moment and look back at Emotional and Mental Dysfunction. The key and most important point to always remember is that they require skill and ability that can only be fully discovered first hand. No one can teach you how to do it… only show you the way and help you to understand it for yourself. Any one who tells you otherwise is flat out lying to you and is most likely selling a product, service or education. It is all out there for you to learn, you just may need some help from the places you least likely will think to look… like your own life!

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Now that we have explained that all fully, we can move to Spiritual Healing. This is a lot like the others however it involves Spiritual aspects of life instead of Mental or Emotional. Understand that this is not about Spiritual Education, nor it is about one belief or another. Spiritual Healing by it's very definition cannot be Christian Healing or Islamic Healing. In fact as soon as you enter a specific dogmatic belief system it can not longer be about Healing as it then becomes about the religion itself.

What is however important to understand is that even though Spiritual Healing can not be about any religion or defined belief it can be included. The reason for this is that Spiritual Healing is about helping people define, unlock and uncover their own unique and special Spiritual Identity. Because this is an individualist process it can include anything that the individual chooses. The catch is that they have to choose it of their own heart and not the desires of their family, society or community. This alone can make Spiritual Healing a very hard thing.

If your family or society tells you that you have to have one set of beliefs, when you go out and find another then it can cause problems. However, the problem is that if you do not have you own unique Spiritual Identity then you also cause dysfunction in the system. This will inevitably lead to Mental, Emotional or other Spiritual complications that will ultimately throw life itself out of balance. As a result Spiritual Healing is a little different than the others listed.

Spiritual Healing requires a unique Spiritual Identity that can only be achieved though self exploration. At the end of the day however, the specific beliefs are the persons own. This means that they can have one set of Spiritual Beliefs and one set of Religious Beliefs. It is however the result of Spiritual Healing to help define only the Spiritual ones. The Religious Beliefs may be interwoven into the Spiritual if that is the desire of the individual… or they can be totally different. It is after all the life and choice of the person and they are the ones who have to live with those choices.

This may seem very odd to most people because so few of us really have Spiritual Beliefs or even really know what it means to have them. So as to remedy this we will help to explain the difference as it really is very simple. Religious Beliefs are those that you are told to follow… whether from family, friends, society or culture. Spiritual Beliefs on the other hand are those beliefs you find totally on your own without any outside intervention. This means that Spiritual Beliefs can be anything… there is no rules, dogma or structure. It can be as plain or as simple as the HEART of the person requires.

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There is only one catch… everyone must find these beliefs on their own. Spiritual Healing is really more about breaking through the fears, dogma or other things that get in the way and prevent this natural process. This means that Spiritual Healing really has nothing to do with the beliefs themselves, merely helping people realize that they need some.

This then finally takes us to the last type of healing… Evolutionary. This one type of healing is by far the most complex, abstract and hard to understand of them all. It is however at the end of the day best explained as doing whatever the person needs to become whole and complete in all aspects of life itself. Or in other words it is the amalgamation of all other types of healing combined into one.

Now lets stop for a moment and look at this and understand it fully. If Evolutionary Healing is basically everything that needs to happen to become whole and complete… does that not imply that we can not be whole and complete unless all things are healed? The answer of course is a big resounding YES! We can only be whole and complete when we are free of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Dysfunction. Only when we reach this point can we grow and evolve into whatever we were meant to be.

When all is said and done that is really all healing is all about… helping people grow and evolve into whatever they are meant to become. This for some people is very vast and complex and for others may seem very simple and easy. That is one of the amazing things about life… it is what you make of it!

This is basically what healing is about and the types of healing used to make it happen. There is a great deal more to all of this, however this was meant to give you a good idea of what it is. As we said in the beginning there is so much more to healing than most people have ever been taught or shown. This by itself is still just the beginning. As we grow and evolve as a species we will undoubtedly discover more and unlock secrets never before imaged. However to get there we first need to start here.

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One last thing we will leave you with… going back to the Miracles of Healing. When we have dysfunction in the system all it takes is to fix that dysfunction to effect major change. In many cases people may already be ready and able to make this change; yet ma be unwilling. When this happens all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to help that person become willing. This is what all the miracles shown in healing are all about; someone miraculously stopping smoking or quit drinking… they were already ready and able to do it… just afraid or otherwise unwilling. All the healer did was give them a reason to be willing and the rest too care of itself.

This sadly happens a lot with healing and most often the healer takes all the credit for it… even though they did the least amount of work. Healing is truly a process of the healer, the person healer and the energy of both working together for the betterment of both. At the end of the day what specific type of healing was used to do that is of little important or consequence… what matters most is that both peoples lives were made better for having done it.

It is important to know what healing is and how it works so you can do what needs to be done properly and fully. Yet, that means nothing if you let your ego get in the way and make you think you are better than you are. No healer in the world can do what they do without the other person. We all are merely pieces in a greater puzzle that we have yet to figure out. Only with time and evolution can we begin to understand it fully.

Now that you know what types of healing there are we can move forward and discover more about this amazing journey to become a healer!

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