Introduction To The Energetic Body

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One of the most important aspects of healing is energy. Without it healing of the type we are here to learn about can not happen. However, what is less known is that we have an entire other body. One that is made totally of energy and it is this body that actually makes up the foundation for our entire life. In all truth energy is so important for every aspect of our life that we can not even have the thought to have a thought without energy to make it all happen. Since energy is such a vital an important part of our very life it is important to understand this energetic body we have and how it works.

In order to begin understanding about our energetic body there are a few things that you need to first understand. The most important being that what you think you may know about it is likely not true. This is not because no one else does not understand the energetic body; more so because people misunderstand it. Too often people associate other aspects of the body with the energetic one simply because they do not realize they are different.

The biggest and most known misunderstanding is that the Aura and the energetic body are not the same thing. They do interconnect as all energy used throughout the body first has to come from the energetic one. The aura by itself is actually an outer layer of another process of the body that we will not delve into just yet. This is all important to understand because if we confuse aspects of the energetic body with other things then we can not get a clear picture of it and what it does. As a result at the end of the day we will likely become very confused and uncertain about it all.

To begin it is also important to realize that everything in the body is made up of energy. Every process requires energy and when all is said and done without energy there can simply be no life of any kind. As a result the human body is actually made up of a couple of parts. Each designed to perform specific functions all meant to help us survive and flourish. The energetic body is merely one of these many parts.

Since we are here to learn about and explore the energetic body it is important to first understand how it is made up. In most cases the energetic body is the exact same size and shape of the physical one. There are times when it may be smaller, usually the result of a dysfunction, however it is rarely if every any bigger. Within the energetic body there is a great mass of energetic channels that energy runs through. In fact when everything is working properly these channels perfectly match the nervous system and circulatory system. When things are not in harmony and balance then things can get rather messy.

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You must also understand that when we say the energy channels match perfectly these two system we do not mean that they are laid out the same. We also do not mean that they overlay them. What we mean is that they literally match them. They run often times inside of them; or at the very least directly outside. What this means is that every last blood vessel has an energy channel that is part of it. Every nerve ending and everything else… all have energy channels and these together make up the energetic body framework.

However, just like these systems large areas like that of the spine and major veins or arteries also have larger and more pronounced energy channels. In truth if you could not seen the physical body but could see the energy channels you would have not trouble identifying the various parts of the body. This is very important to understand because without these channels the body cannot supply the energy needed to these other parts.

This is however a bit oversimplified. Energy works rather different then the physical body. The energy channels are there more as a means of simplicity and connection between the energy and the physical body. Energy does not need channels to operate and flow. However because the physical body is not yet quite capable of dealing with energy at full force we need the channels as an interface if you will. All designed as a means to make the energy work to the level of the physical body. Over time and with evolution this may well change, however it is the way of things for now.

There are times when people have energetic bodies that do no match their physical ones. Most of the time it is the result of the energetic body not fully growing with the physical one. When this occurs is generally means that the person in question simply has not used and developed the energetic body as much as the physical. This is not a serious problem only one of annoyance most of the time. Because the two bodies do not match the energetic body and the channels that make it up become out of alignment.

In the vast majority of cases all this means is that the body can not handle as much energy as it could otherwise handle. This however is not really a problem because if it needed that amount of energy the energetic body would not be underdeveloped in the first place. What this tells us is two fold. One that the energetic body grows and evolves just like the physical one and two that it needs to be used in order to grow.

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For the sake of argument it is best to think of the energetic body in the same basic terms as the physical one. There are things that give it shape and form just as the bones do for the body. It also has the equivalent of energetic muscles. Just like the muscles of the physical body, if they are not used and strengthened then they become weak and frail. All this really means for most people is that their energetic muscles are only as strong as they have used them to be.

At the end of the day for most people this is of no really great concern; at least as long as everything is working fine. When we become worn out, drained or depleted then this lack can be rather serious. Since our bodies need energy to do everything it stands to reason we also need energetic resources for the body to use them. If they become depleted then we simply do not have the energy needed to function properly.

This brings us to another part of the energetic body. Just as the body stores fat to turn into energy and nutrients for the body when needed the energetic body too stores energy. The difference is that with the energetic body it actually has pools of energy. Unlike the physical body however, bigger pools do not take up more space. Energy is a rather amazing thing, it does not require space in and of itself. As a result a vast amount of energy can be stored on the head of a pin.

However, when these pools are not as big as they need to be and the body does not produce enough energy to keep thins working properly then things fall apart. Once the energy reserves are gone the body then has to ration out the energy. First focusing on the things needed to survive and then prioritizing the rest. For most people this will first manifest itself by being worn out or over tired when get home from work. Needed to have a nap to get through the day is also another major sign of energy depletion.

It is important to note that the energy needed by the body does not simply come from the food we eat. In fact there is energy in the food we eat, the things we drink, in the very air we breath and in truth in the entire world around us. As part of our energetic body we also have a series of energy centers and their job is to regulate and control the flow of energy in the body. What is not as commonly known however is that these centers also bring energy into the body and excrete it at the same time.

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When the body is working in true harmony energy should be flowing constantly throughout the body. If things are as they should be the energy will never stop, slow down or even take a break. To be totally honest if the energetic body is working normally and properly it would be equal to having a river of energy flowing through the system. When this happens the body can work at peak performance and efficiency.

Of course, for the body to have energy working at this level it needs to be worked out and conditioned to be doing it. It is not different that a world class runner. If they work out and work out and then stop for a year they will not be in the same shape. By the same token someone can not go from being a couch potato to a world class runner in the matter of a few days. It all takes time, training and dedication. The same is true for working out the energetic body.

The difference however is that people are different. There are some people who can do physical activity and give their energetic body a work out at the same time. These are the people that just seem vibrant, energized and alive after working out. Others simply get drained or depleted when they do physical activity. That having been said, others can work the energetic body out by unleashing their creativity. Others can do it by simply thinking or getting lost in a day dream.

This is a product of individuality and also reflects the way the person is "wired" so to speak. Someone who is meant to be a writer will likely get more energy from writing than they would from jogging. Since each and every one of us has our own unique path in this life, it too stands to reason that we would be wired differently.

That having been said, this still is only talking about the physical aspects of working out the energetic body. There are energetic things that we can do to work it out too. In many ways that is one of the great things about doing healing; it requires energy and the more you use it the more it works out the energetic body. Of course there is also a range of energetic games that can be played; some of which we will show you later on. You can even try and develop other skills and talents… all of which use the energy of the body. In point of fact the more that you use the energy of the body, no matter how you use it, the more it will grow and strengthen.

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The great wonderful thing about getting the energetic body into shape is that it gives you lots of energy. Not just the energy needed for the day to day stuff, it also gives you energy for the special stuff too. As our bodies grow and evolve, as they become energetically strong, a lot of times hidden talents and gifts have a way of coming out. The reason for this is that these gifts too require energy. Since they are not important for survival and are not on the list of priorities, when we do not have the energy to power them they stay dormant.

It is only when we have an excess of energy in our body that we can begin to power these hidden talents. If we were to give them energy before that point then we would have to take away something from the rest of our life. This could lead to greater problems in life and as a result is not a good idea. Thankfully the body has safeguards to make sure that does not happen.

For many people these new gifts and talents are usually always seen as spiritual in nature; which is rather sad in many ways. There is in truth so much more to being human and a lot more about it than we yet know. Most people can not uncover these deeper aspects because they literally do not have the energy to explore the possibilities. Many people have even found these new talents to be scary. However, that having been said it is very unlikely that they are really scary; it is more likely that is more about the fear of the unknown or fear over what others will think if they find out. As a result most people generally do not share with others that they can perform these new talents and as a result people go on thinking there is nothing more to life.

There is however more to this puzzle we call the energetic body. Most of us at some time or other have felt totally free and alive. It is at these points that the energetic body becomes fully charged and ready to deal with life. When we feel that life sucks, we are missing something or even that there is nothing important to life itself… most of the times it is because out energy levels are so low we can not generate joy.

What we have yet not talked about is that when the energetic body is not flowing like the river we wished it be it can become damaged. What most people may not know is that energy is a lot like water, it needs to move and flow. Just like water if energy is left still for a time if begins to change and become harmful. In both cases it stagnates and becomes unusable. With energy this can be the result of a weak energetic body or it can be the result of damage.

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Sadly the energetic body is not invincible. If it is not used on a regular basis, as we already said, it becomes weak. When this happens it can not maintain proper flow and energy can become clogged. This causes energy to pool into the system behind the clog and over time stagnate. As we did say a vast amount of energy can be stored on the head of a pin. When energy begins to stagnate however it does not take a vast amount to cause problems. A small amount of stagnant energy can through the system into chaos.

In the case of energy pooling as we just described very often the physical body will show signs of it. One of the most common is pain. When energy can not get through the body will try and push the energy trying to force it forward. This adds to the pools and also created pressure. The pain is the bodies way of telling you something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. If it is left for too long then the problem will compound, the pain increase and everything could become serious.

Thankfully one of the great things about both water and energy is that if you can get fresh stuff flowing in eventually everything again becomes clean. If you can work to remove whatever has blocked the energy, or work to expand the energy channel so the block can flow through, then the system can work to clean itself. This too is another wonderful thing about healers. Those who are properly trained learn skills and techniques meant to fix such situation. Regardless of how it gets fixed, once it is then everything can return to normal.

As you can surely see by now there is a great deal to the energetic body. It is something that we need to learn a great deal more about and discover how to take better care of. Over time you will hopefully uncover what you need to do to maintain you own energetic body and hopefully help others learn to do the same. It is after all a vital and important part of our own personal growth and development… whether we choose to become a healer or not.

We will then leave you with one last point of information. Within the energetic body there are the series of control centers. We left out telling you more about what they were called or what they do because they too are often misunderstood. The reason for that decision is because these control centers are also known by another name… Chakra. It was our intention to make sure you did not become confused with the working of the energetic body because you were taught something about the Chakra.

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Since we are done with what we wanted to say on the energetic body we felt we should let you know this last piece. One of the main reasons for this that shortly we will delve into the Chakra and teach you what they really are and how they really work. After all, they do control and regulate all energy used by the entire body. As a result they are rather important when it comes to healing and to life itself.

One last final note. Many different people have many different ideas about what the energetic body is and how it really works. At the end of the day you will have to decide for yourself what is right and wrong. We have tried to offer information that we find works and is supported by the tools and techniques that we use. However when all is said and done there is no direct proof one way or the other… only personal experience. Trust in yourself and make your own choices as to what it right and what is not.

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