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Before we can really begin to delve into the great complexity of what healing is, we need to understand the basics. Healing itself is a natural and normal part of life; one that no living thing can exist without. It is the fundamental root of life and as a result is vital to both survival as well as evolution. However, in many ways it is also so much more than just that. As a result we will try and spend some time to shed the light into this mystery so we all can better and fully understand what healing really is.

To begin we need to look at why healing is required for there to be life of any kind. After all, does in not seem odd that a skill taught to others could be so vital to life itself? The reality is that there are many types of healing, some very powerful and others not so much. What they all have in common however is that they all use energy to do what they do. In fact the very first thing we must come to understand is that everything in the entire universe is made up of energy in one form or another.

This is a vital first step in understanding healing; for without the realization that everything is made up of energy, uses energy and needs energy to do what it does… everything can get a bit confusing. In point of fact Einstein's most famous equation "E=mc2" proves that very statement. "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared"… seems like such a simple and basic thing; yet has the power to explain such an abstract and complex idea.

What this equation tells us is that mass is made up of energy. This as a result means that anything that has mass must as a result also be made completely of energy. That would therefore include the human body, our world, the air that we breathe and as a result every last thing that exists. However, this then also implies that all the things that these various things do must also require energy to do it. Thus, movement, breathing, eating, thinking and every other last process of life requires energy to do what it does.

All of this then means that the first and most fundamental step in learning what healing is requires us to understand that healing is energy. However, it is not just made up of energy it also uses energy to do what it does. Since this is likely a bit too abstract by itself we will offer an example to help clarify this situation.

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Let us begin with a paper cut to the finger, something simple, easy and that all of us have likely had at one time or another. Since we now know that the body is made up of energy, as is the blood the flows out of the cut, it also means that the cut itself is a disruption in that same energy… so to speak. This as a result triggers a response from the body that releases more energy; a different type of energy that heads to the cut finger and triggers a process that will work to fix the damage. In other words, the body releases healing energy to help fix the damage.

Once the energy gets to the finger it triggers other processes that in turn trigger others until the damage begins to heal. Over the course of time the body begins to close the wound, stop the blood flow and cover the cut with a scab; all of which are also made up of and use energy themselves. From this point the body then continues to fix the cut under the scab until finally the skin is once again whole and complete. In essence all of this made possible by healing energy telling other energy to do what is needed to fix the damage that was done.

This by itself is the most fundamental aspect of healing. There is in all truth a great deal more to this whole picture. However, at this point we only want you to have a basic ideal of what is all involved. Over the course of future learning we will help to expand upon these processes. Yet for now, we are here to learn more than the basic fact that healing needs energy to do what it does.

Since we now have a basic idea of what healing is and how it works, at least in most basic terms, it is important to go further. As we already said "Healing itself is a natural and normal part of life; one that no living thing can exist without." We have given you a basic idea of why this is so, however it is important to understand this in deeper terms if we really want to understand healing fully.

Healing and life go hand in hand; in fact you can not have one without the other. The reason of this is that without the ability to heal life simply can not exist. As we showed already healing is needed to fix damage done to the body. What we have not showed is how often the body is actually damaged.

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To be totally honest the body is damaged every second of every day. Life itself is a process of growth and evolution. It is also a process of damage and destruction. The reason for this is that their cannot be growth or evolution without damage or destruction. Do not however think for a second this is a reflection of the world around us… is too happens but not nearly as fast as in the body itself. Nor is this a reason to go out and cause damage or destruction. There is a great deal of difference between normal and natural damage and destruction; which occurs all the time all around us, and the un-natural version caused by people for their own usually selfish reasons.

The normal process of damage and destruction is not actually as harsh as the words themselves convey. In fact, what we are talking about, with regards to the bodies of all living things, is the cells spiting and dividing in order to create new cells to keep the body whole. The act of division requires the cell to break or rip apart to create two new cells. A process that is very destructive to the cell, yet massively beneficial to life itself.

It is because the body can heal this massive damage done to the cells that they can survive and endure this process of division countless number of times. Each division creating new cells that must also endure this same process. Over and over and over this cycle continues. Yet without the ability to heal at this most basic level the very first split and the damage would be too great to sustain life. It is our normal and natural ability to heal that allows the very cells of our body to survive and grow strong after this damage that lets us live.

It is for this reason that we can truly say that Healing itself is a normal and natural part of life. Yet is also a vital and important part for their to be life. If we ever lost this most basic ability to heal for even a day we would likely not survive it. This as a result is the truest form of healing there is… it is by far the most powerful and amazing. However it is not by any means the only one there is. There are other kinds of healing that can be performed; which is ultimately what we have come here to learn.

Now that we understand what healing is in most basic terms we need to take it further and learn more about it in the context of what we came here to learn. Aside from the natural healing that occurs all the time within every living being, people can also learn how to heal in other ways. It is actually thins process that we are here to learn about. Unlike natural healing that everyone can do, outside healing is a little less common. The truth is that everyone can still do outside healing; the problem lay in the fact that not everyone can do it to the same degree.

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This is a vital and important thing to know when it comes to the type of healing we are here to learn… "Everyone can do, though not to the same degree!" The reason this is so important is because if someone tries to do something that they simply can not do it will not work. This does not mean however the person can not do anything… it merely means they have to find their own way to do it.

This alone is the single most important fact that needs to be understood when it comes to healing. Too many systems and styles tell people that they can all do it the same way. If that was true then we really would not need to learn how to do it because we would already know how. In fact, even though we all are made up of the same pieces and all use energy to do what we do… we do not all do everything in the same way.

It is for this same reason why some people are really good at math and some are not. Why some people have a head for technology and some people cannot set the clock on the VCR. We all are different and unique people and as a result will generally also have different strengths and weaknesses. It is only when we understand this and work within this framework can we truly become the best healers that we are able to become.

What this all means is that the next thing we need to understand in the great picture of healing is that not everyone does it the same way. It also tells us that it should not be done the same way by everyone. In fact, it is the diversity of healing skills and ability that actually helps to keep healing growing and evolving… just like any other aspect of life. If we all did it the same then there would be no reason for it to grow and evolve. Since we all do it slightly differently it encourages us all to find new ways to do things so we can become better.

If you were to actually take some time and look into other healing systems you will find a sad trend. Most of them use as their key selling feature how long they have been around and who trained who. It is as if training with this one person made them better than training with this other… even though are all of the same system. Yet in the middle of all that they are also saying that the system has been the same for many many years. Seems a little odd when you stop and realize that each person, even in the same system, does things a little different from each other.

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What this really means is that healing by itself is ever evolving and changing… as is all of life as a whole. Yet too many healing systems are staying the same. This is very important because too many systems tell you how to do something a preset way. They provide no options for your own discovery or evolution. This may seem harsh to say, however it is nonetheless true. Without the ability to grow and evolve into the healer you are capable of becoming you will only become the healer they can make you into. This is not what healing is all about, nor should it ever be!

This however does tell us something very important about what healing is. It tells us that healing itself is both a journey of self-discovery and exploration. While at the same time, also being a system of skills and abilities that lay the foundation for that journey. At the end of the day, this then also means that a lot of these other systems that limit their healers can easily change. All they really have to do is open their people up to self-discovery and away they go to becoming the healer they are capable of becoming.

Lets now stop for a second and look at the system of healing by itself since it is a very important part of healing. The system is not, and should not, be set up to explain the way it is without question. It should be set up to create a foundation for learning. In any system there are things that need to be there to make it part of that system. It does not mean there is nothing else out there. That only implies that the one system does not use it.

A perfect example of this would be specific skills. One system may have a set of symbols that they use and have a ritual for admitting people to the system. Another uses only preset skills in a preset manner. Both at the end of the day offer the same basic benefits yet are very different. The reason for this is that the people that created these skills used their own skills to find out what worked and did not. They then created a system based on those skills to teach others how to do it too.

There is nothing wrong with this at all… except when you convince people that is the ONLY way to do it. This then becomes less about healing and more about politics. Sadly, in our day and age it is pretty hard to get away from the politics. Yet because it is part of the world we live in is also means that it is part of healing. Even though we may not want it to be this way, it does not change the fact that it is.

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Politics is a big part of healing… if you think otherwise go to the nearest hospital and have a look around. Medicine is simply another form of healing, one that is so choked with politics it is amazing that things can get done in a day.

The politics in healing as we are here to discuss are no less detrimental, just a lot more internal. Some of the biggest politics in healing is the idea that if you learn from one teacher in any given system you may not be able to learn from another in the same system; or you may have to re-train to learn from them. This is really only about one thing… MONEY! If the system is really the system you are being taught, and not just using the name to teach something different, there is no need for these games. Someone who has learnt how to healing to one level in any system should know how to heal to that level in any other part of that same system. If you are being told that you do not then there is only two real possibilities… one being that they system you learnt stole the name and was teaching something different… which we will discuss more on shortly. The other being that the person doing the training is really only in it for the money and they want as much of it as they can get… which we will also discuss more on shortly.

The problem with most of the older healing systems is that no one owns the name of the system… it is what is known as "public domain". The most known public domain name is "Reiki"; which is also one of the most common healing systems. Because no one owns the name it can be used by anyone in any way that they want to use it. As a result there are a great many Reiki systems out there that have altered and changed so far beyond Reiki that they have actually become different. There is however a big debate between what are called Traditionalist and Non-Traditionalist. We will not delve into that here, except to say that the only real difference between one and the other is who the teacher is. The stuff taught is generally the same… it is just the politics that have changed.

On the other side there are healers that are "in it for the money or power"… though not one of them will every admit to it. Healing for most people is unlike anything they have ever done before. As a result it is far too easy to make more of it than there really is. When someone does something that they think is amazing they tend to make it bigger and better than it really was. This then triggers a process of ego and concept that at the end makes them better than anyone else. This is not a fact of healing… it is a fact of life itself. It is a part of being human… not because it is bad, but because we do not look further.

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This is a process of comparison. If I see a scale of 1 to 100 and my normal life sits at 5 on the scale. When I all of a sudden do something that is at 95 I am naturally going to think how amazing and wonderful I am. Not again because I am special or amazing, but because in comparison to my normal life it was special and amazing. However, as soon as I see the real scale… which is say 1,000,000 long then all of a sudden my 95 is not as impressive.

This sadly is a very common occurrence in healing. Most people do not take it to the extreme that they are so wonderful and special. However what is more common is that they fail to look at the rest of the scale. This in essence keeps them actually working to becoming truly special and wonderful; while at the same time limiting their skills and abilities. Of course just because someone renumbers the scale of their personal experience does not mean that they are now better. If I convert my 95 to 950,000 then the scale as a whole also converts and becomes 10,000,000,000.

Perception as a result is also a major part of the politics of healing; one that is generally the root cause for all the others. When someone thinks they are better than their peers why would they want to train someone taught by one of them? They choose to re-train because to them you need it to be as good as they are. It however does not mean that they are right… or wrong for that matter. At the end of the day it is merely their own opinion on the topic.

In truth there is really only one way to get rid of the politics of healing… don't get involved with them in the first place. If you do your homework before joining a system you can easily find out if you can train with others or only them. You can determine how great they think they are. Of course you can also find out if the system is totally preset and if you can add your own touch to it and still be part of the group. However, these are all politics and nothing more. Healing itself is still so much more than all of that.

Lets stop for a moment and recap what we already know. Healing uses energy to do what it does. Healing is a natural and normal part of life; one that is required for all living things to survive and flourish. It is truly individualistic yet also requires structure and order. Healing itself is rather complex and involved and as a result there can be a great deal of politics in healing; even though there is no real reason for it to be there. All of which tells us that, once again, healing is about finding your own path and becoming the best that you can be for yourself. The rest of it is just garbage that gets in the way of us becoming the best healer that we can become.

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