Tao-Te-Chi Informative Writings - 2009

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Each of these writings was created as a stand-alone topic to help people learn more about themselves, the way we are, or the world around us. Each is something we take for granted and, as a result, has lowered the overall quality of our lives.

Tao-Te-Chi - Ancient Wisdom Or Modern Joke

We like to hold to the idea that if something has been around for hundreds of years or more makes it better than anything else. This raises the important question - "If it's been around for hundreds of years and actually works - why then are we all not already doing / using it?"

Tao-Te-Chi - Indentured Servant Or Employee

Indentured servant - "You are here to do whatever I tell you, when I tell you to do it!" Employee - "You are here to do the job we hired you to do, under the conditions set out when we hired you!" Notice the fundamental difference between the two?

Tao-Te-Chi - Not Good Enough The Way You Are

Everywhere we go in our society today, we're told we're not good enough the way we are. We're told that we could look better, feel better, act better, or any number of other such things. The more important question however is "Why?"

Tao-Te-Chi - Understanding Our Understanding

"Thinking You Know Is The Single Worst Place In The Universe To Be… Because If You Really Know You Don't Need To Think You Know!" But what exactly does that mean?

Tao-Te-Chi - Understanding Rights And Freedoms

In most countries (North America especially) every right and freedom we have came about because of the sacrifice of other people. Some of those sacrifices were massive compared to others, and others were smaller, but they involved sacrifice nonetheless.


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