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Created: March 2008
Format: Website, Videos, & Blog
Topics: Psychic Ability, Human Potential, Etc.
Description: FOPTV - Free Online Psychic Training Videos
Purpose: To discuss Psychic Ability in such a way to encourage people to go beyond the limitations of being "Psychic". By focusing on Psychic Ability, it provides an opportunity to discuss "human potential" while using a popular topic of discussion.
Special Services: Psychic Phone Support Service - An opportunity to talk with DevonK one-on-one to help you further develop your own potential and skills.

Official Description: The official home of the Free Online Psychic Training Videos (FOPTV). A great place to learn everything we currently know about the many different psychic abilities - including how to develop them in your own life. Yet more than that, FOPTV also strives to help people learn how to go beyond the limitations of being "Psychic".

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