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Tao-Te-Chi itself is ultimately focused around two main elements: 1) Helping people unlock their true potential, and 2) Exploring more about what Life itself has to offer. To that end, there is just too much involved in Tao-Te-Chi to fit on one website. Not to mention, if everything was on one website it would be too confusing to know how things connect together. So Tao-Te-Chi was divided up into different websites - each focused around a specific area of knowledge, idea, or concept. All of which offer variations on the same central theme... discovering who and what you really are deep within.

Come learn more about Tao-Te-Chi (and yourself) by checking out the various websites.

Tao-Te-Chi (July 2002)

Connects all the Tao-Te-Chi websites together, discusses Tao-Te-Chi itself, and coordinates Tao-Te-Chi Healing Services and Courses.

FreeFromIssues (May 2010)

Support based website dedicated to helping people learn how to deal with thier issues and gain control of their life.

CanadianGenius (December 2009)

DevonK's own personal blog - discusses a wide range of topics.

FOPTV (March 2008)

Focuses on teaching people more about themselves and their potential through the use of "Psychic Ability".

LifeSupportPlus (August 2008)

Re-Developing Into FreeFromIssues.com


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