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To understand Tao-Te-Chi and what it's all about, you first need to know what happened to lead up to it's creation...

Back in Nov 1998, Tao-Te-Chi Founder Devon K., undertook training in Reiki. While there he heard about all the great experiences people claimed to have had, but didn't have any himself. As with most people, he assumed they came with the higher training and continued learning the different levels that Reiki offers. While training he heard the story of Mikao Usui, and saw something no one else seemed to notice. In the story Mikao went to a beggars village and tried to help the people there live better lives using Reiki. Eventually people would leave the village and head to the big city to better their lives. Over time however, each of those people began to come back... having failed. So Mikao gave up trying to help them and went to the big city are started to offer Reiki to the people there instead.

What Devon realized in that story was that Mikao missed something fundamental. He was so busy thinking he was helping people, that he actually forgot to actually help them. All he was doing was making them feel better, but not addressing the issues, problems, fears, etc. that lead them to become so poor in the first-place. Sadly, something Reiki as a whole still seems reluctant to learn today... offering the same basic system that Mikao "discovered" well over a hundred years ago.

With this new realization, Devon began to look at other things about Reiki and what was missing. He looked back at all those stories people had, all their great experiences, and realized most were just that... stories. They were things people wanted with all their heart, but never actually occurred. He look at stories of people quitting smoking after a Reiki session and realized they only needed "permission" in their own life to quit. While Reiki did give them that permission, it wasn't Reiki itself that did anything.

This opened a flood-gate of new realizations that lead Devon to discover many other issues and flaws with Reiki as a whole. However, Devon also knew there must be more out there. There must be some way to fix those flaws and actually be able to make the things people wish were real, actually real. Surely we could do much more to help ourselves and others.

Over the next few years Devon began to realize many, many things... not just about Reiki, but about life as a whole. He began to fit the pieces together and realize a great deal about who we are as a people and why we do what we do. He used this knowledge to begin looking within himself. Some of what he found was not pleasant, but it was all essential for what was to come next.

In 2002 Devon was reading a book called the "Tao-Te-Ching", a book of chinese philosophy that isn't really supposed to make sense. It's merely there to help you think about things in new ways. However for Devon they not only made sense, it answered a lot of questions he had about who he was and the journey he was on. This lead Devon to realize that what we was doing was now so far removed from Reiki as to be beyond it. So in honor of the Tao-Te-Ching, he began to call the system he was using to help himself and others "Tao-Te-Chi".

As with the Tao-Te-Ching, "Tao" means the Path or Way, and "Te" is the expression of Tao (or The Form Tao Takes). Adding this to "Chi", which is simply Energy or Life Force and you end up with Tao-Te-Chi (The Energy And Expression Of The Path Of Life). However, because of Devon's work up to this point, he knew there was not one path for everyone and thus that was not entirely correct. Thus he changed it to mean "The Energy And Expression Of The Path Of Life... Your Life!"

From that point forward Devon has dedicated his life to finding as many of the missing pieces as he can. Not just from Reiki, Energetic Healing, or even our own lives as a whole... but from EVERYTHING! With the knowledge and understanding he found, and continues to uncover, Devon also realized that it would all mean nothing if it was kept secret. That if we as a species want to ever hope to live the lives we were meant to live people would need to learn them too.

Devon had to do all of this on his own... completely alone. He knew how difficult of a journey that had been, and felt it would be unfair to ask anyone else to do the same. So to this day, Devon shares his knowledge with those who are ready to listen and learn from it. To that end, he created each of the various websites that connect to Tao-Te-Chi. He made videos that have been posted on YouTube (under different names)... most notably being MindMunchies.

Tao-Te-Chi has also grown to include many of the students, friends, and family that have arisen out of all of Devon's hard work. It is only with the help and support of these people, and many others to come, that Tao-Te-Chi will ever be able to help change the world as we know it. Again, not by teaching people how to walk the same path, but to support each individual person in learning to walk Their Own Unique Path Through Life... as Tao-Te-Chi means.

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