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The name, Tao-Te-Chi comes from three chinese characters (words):

  1. Tao - represents "The Way" and means a wide range of things, such as: the path of learning, the path of enlightenment, and the way of life.

  2. Te - represents "The expression of Tao" - which includes the specific forms, ideas, concepts, etc, that Tao takes. Or more simply, It Tao is a road, Te is the material the road is made from, and everything around it (trees, birds, flowers, etc.) You can't have "Tao" without there being "Te" to give it form.

  3. Chi - Is simply "Life Force" or "Energy".

Together these three words combine to form a concept:

The Energy And Expression Of The Path Of Life

To us, this simple concept holds a great deal of meaning. In it's simple elegance there is an idea that we all share "life", that we are all connected. Even though life "expresses" itself in many different forms, we are all part of it. This then also means that the actions of one person ultimately have an impact on everyone. Even though that individual impact is small in comparison to life itself, the fact that each person can have an impact on life itself is truly amazing!

However, this is merely an idea and we wanted it to be more than that. So we added a small but crucial piece to the end of that concept. - "Your Life!". Together this gives us:

The Energy And Expression Of The Path Of Life - Your Life!

It may not seem like much of a change but it's meaning is huge. In this simple statement we know that we are all connected, that we all have the ability to impact each other, and that we are all part of life itself. What it also tells us though, is that only by fully embracing our own individual lives can we truly grasp and embrace everything that is possible. Only by becoming the people we are capable of becoming can we truly live. If we can do this in truth, and not merely through illusion or desire, then we also gain the ability to influence "Life" itself.

This is what Tao-Te-Chi means to us, and this is what we stand for!

It's our goal to learn as much as we possibly can about "Life" to learn all the secrets that life holds. To learn how to live life beyond the limits we have been required to live with up to this point in our evolution. In short - to learn how to live the life we were ultimately meant to live. Plus, more importantly than all of that - to help teach others how to do it too!

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